Vegan MoFo 2016

Vegan MoFo 2016

It’s that time of the year again!  Vegan Month of Food or Vegan MoFo!

The difference this year is weekly themes with daily prompts.  If you aren’t a blogger or a blog reader, there will be lots of people participating via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter.

Day 1: What’s your Favorite Food?  Make it and share it!

I made BBQ Butler soy curls and hasselback potatoes recently with my favorite new oil –  Nutiva’s Organic Buttery Coconut Oil.

Hasselback Potatoes and BBQ Butler CurlsI was a little wary of the butter flavor but it’s vegan and not an artificial flavor.  The Nutiva website says it’s made from coconut oil, sunflower oil and mint. Interesting right? Anytime I want some good fat and I’m not making Asian inspired dishes, I’m using it!

Day 2:  How to make friends  – What’s your go to “impress” me meal?

I love to make South Indian food!  It’s fun to make a large quantity of rice, sambar, coconut chutney and a masala dosa fresh for each person.  I’ve been making my own sambar powder for years and have a baby curry tree so I never run out of leaves.

Masala Dosa

Day 3: What’s your “easy cook” meal? That you make when you can’t be bothered to cook much?

When I don’t feel like cooking much, scrambled tofu and a little avocado toast is a great meal at any time of day!

Day 4: Eating out – Where do you eat when you want someone else to cook for you?

If I eat out, I like trying something new.  It gets old going to the same place all the time and or having to eat a veggie burger or taco again.

Some friends and owners recently invited me to their new meat-free restaurant in North Austin – Citizen Eatery for the soft opening last Friday. It’s a casual place with a contemporary feel. They have breakfast all day – including a vegan breakfast platter that has perfectly buttery cannellini beans, a smokey vegan sausage crumble that was such a savory delight, and a blend of local greens.  They smoke onions and mushrooms for this dish and also for their burgers.  They aren’t using pre-made soy substitutes as all of they dishes are scratch made.

Citizen Eatery - Vegan Breakfast

Citizen Eatery – Vegan Breakfast Platter

Aimee has been working on a veggie burger patty for as long as I have known her and it is so highly flavorful.  It beats all those black-bean patties I have to suffer through at restaurants that have it as an afterthought for vegans. My husband and daughter tried a couple of their burger offerings.  I want to try the Assam burger the next time I go in along with more of their Texas Tumbledweed veggie fry bundles.

Now the Grapefruit Brussel Sprouts was a chilled dish with quite a unique and refreshing  flavor.  I think I tasted star anise!
Citizen Eatery - Grapefruit Brussel Sprouts

I’m so excited when a new restaurant opens that has so many options to choose from!  Thank you so much Aimee and Michael! I hope that if you are in Austin that you will head to Burnet Rd and try it!

Day 5: Late Night Snack – Tell us what you’re midnight snacking on!

The only time I eat a late night snack is if I’m out on the town salsa dancing.  If it’s past midnight and I’m hungry, it’s fun to go to Frank.  I like to get a Chicago Dog with that happy Day-Glo relish with either their vegan hotdog or specialty vegan sausages.  They also have yummy waffle fries!

Day 6: Comfort food – Something that always cheers you up.

vegan biscuits

I really like biscuits.  Biscuits with vegan sausage is great.  Biscuits with vegan sausage and vegan peppered cream gravy is even better!  I had some biscuits this morning for free at Green Vegetarian Cuisine in San Antonio, TX.  I was visiting family and this is probably one of the only places in San Antonio to get a vegan breakfast that isn’t just fruit or oatmeal.

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  1. I would be all sorts of impressed if you made south Indian food for me – look at that dosa, it’s perfection!

    • veggiebytes says:

      Thanks Joey! The more you make them, the easier it gets. I used to use a cast iron skillet but now use a GreenPan. I need to procure a stainless steel or cast iron tawa in the future.

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