40 X 40

Happy 2014!  I recently got back from another Hawaiian vacation to the island of Kauai.
Here’s my little Instagram video with me saying “Inari” -cone sushi, in an annoying, nerdy voice.
It was taken at Hanalei Beach on Kauai’s north shore on a relatively sunny and mild day.


We always have a fun time on the islands but I’m happy to be home in Austin!

I actually could not wait to get home and launch a new service –
Chef Veggie’s Cottage Bakery.
Visit my Cottage Bakery page in the menu bar or here. I will have cookies, donuts, biscuits, and specialty breads available for pickup or delivery in South Austin.  I’m looking forward to adding more items and seeing if there is enough interest in baked goods made with higher quality ingredients that are vegan and GF friendly.

Vegan Spelt Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie

Now on to the 40 X40!

I’m not one to make resolutions in January!  I like to make progressive changes all year long.
I’ve thought about the upcoming years before I turn 40 and what I would like to accomplish.
It’s not that I can’t do these things after I’m 40, it’s just that there is so much I would like to do or I realize how far I have to go mentally that it’s good to get the ball rolling now.

I have created a 40 X 40 page that can be accessed from top of my blog menu.  I’ll update it whenever I have been fortunate enough to complete something.  Please share any list you have created…I’m one of those people who LOVE lists!

Here’s a few that I think I can do in the next couple months:
1) Get a Food Allergy/Intolerance Test – I would love to hear about your experiences and recommended practicioners/labs.
Some things I think might be suspect (dairy, processed wheat, nightshades, citrus)

17) Find a Japanese penpal or artsy/crafty penpal in Europe – I would love to correspond with a middle aged woman who likes food, crafts, DIY, zakka etc.  I would love to get letters covered in washi tape and handmade stamp inpressions.  If you are one of these people, would you like to be my penpal?

23) Pet a FOX – I have a special affinity for foxes, especially since I read  Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s The Little Prince in high school.  The fox that is “tamed” by the little prince is my favorite and I’ve wished many times that I could have a little fox friend. For about 3 years, I have been researching about the life of foxes (long before the Ylvis song) and I know that I will never be able to love a fox as a pet because I will never live in a state that allows them.  So I have to befriend a fox in the wilderness or move to the UK.
There are foxes at The Austin Zoo, named Mikhail and Nikolai.  These beautiful boys are part of the Siberian fox project and were seized by Texas officials because you cannot have fur-bearing animals as pets and they were given to the zoo instead of being euthanized. Russian scientists were selectively breeding the friendliest foxes to show that they could indeed be domesticated within several generations. I need to sponsor Mikhail and Nikolai’s enclosure and also see if I can volunteer  bimonthly so that I can possibly get to pet them!

Let me know if you have started something like this or have any tips for me.
Wishing you Happiness & Health in 2014!

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