Vegan MoFo, Taco Cleanses and More

There’s a lot of fun stuff happening in the vegan blogosphere!

Check out Lazy Smurf’s Taco Cleanse!  Even though I’m not hardcore and won’t be able to reach the “FUEGO” level, I probably eat some kind of taco at least 4-5 times a week.
Yesterday I had lunch with my sister at Lucky Robot on South Congress.  It’s the perfect place for us to get nostalgic about our time living in Japan during our youth.  I hope one day I can sit in the coveted swing chairs.  Anyway, I had the Happy Hippie Taco along with the Veggie Caterpillar Roll and the Brussel Sprouts with Lemongrass Soy.

Happy Hippie Taco

September is also Vegan MoFo time (Mofo meaning month of food).  Lots of bloggers with be posting at least 20 posts this month about vegan food.  There will be recipes, reviews, and lots of gorgeous food.  I missed the deadline with it being a little crazy with back to school and back into personal kitchens. However, I do plan to post more than normal and here’s a couple projects I’m working on:
hemp burger
lime pickle
more Kimchee!
making apple sauce with kids
vegan food for Sukkot (Jewish harvest festival food)

Happy September!


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