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Cristina - Chef Veggie

Vegetarian Network of Austin potluck

Hi, I’m Cristina.

I cook for other families in their homes as my alter-ego Chef Veggie!

How did I get to be Chef Veggie?

After graduating from Baylor University, I lived in a Hindu (Vaisnava) ashram for 2 years and cooking in the temple kitchen is where learned a lot about vegetarian cooking. I followed a strict sattvic Ayurvedic diet and never ate out. I did not eat commercially made products like bread, tortillas, or other prepared foods.  I made my own ketchup and almost every other kind of vegetarian sauce out there because I didn’t eat garlic or onions. If I wanted to eat, I had to know how to cook.  So I’ve been honing my cooking skills for over 17 years and also have a Plant-Based Professional Certification from Rouxbe.

Nowadays, I live a less austere lifestyle but appreciate the spiritual connection I made with food at that time.  Cooking can be an offering of love to God and to others. I have vegan leanings while my husband and daughter request rennet-free dairy. This blog is like that too, leaning toward vegan with rare cheesy bits. No meat, fish or eggs will ever post on these pages. This journey has led to my interest in making things from scratch, seasonal cooking, world flavors (I’m half Filipina and half Tennessee country boy), gardening, yoga and Ayurveda.  I love rice and tropical dishes, and also biscuits with veggie sausage and country gravy.  I have both a refined and pedestrian palate. Variety is is the spice of life!

I believe I that everyone can love vegetables! Feel free to find me on my other places on the web.  I would love to hear from you! Thanks for letting tiny veggiebytes hang out on your computer!



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